Monday, February 11, 2008

Feast of love

Bradley Thomas: Do you think love is a trick or do you think it's the only reason there is to this crazy dream?
Jenny: Which do you believe?
Bradley Thomas: The second one.

Harry Stevenson: There is a story about the Greek Gods; they were bored so they invented human beings, but they were still bored so they invented love, then they weren't bored any longer. So they decided to try love for themselves. And finally, they invented laughter, so they could stand it.

Harry Stevenson: Sometimes you don't know you've crossed a line until you're already on the other side.

Bradley Thomas: What's making you smile like that?
Margaret Vekashi: Looking out the window, an unusual man, an innocent man, an open-hearted man. Someone who has given tremendous love, but never had it returned, not in the way he deserves.

"The unexpected is always upon us, and of all the gifts arrayed before me, this one thought at this moment in my life is the most precious, and so we begin again"

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Spadez said...

minunat filmul :-D !