Noiembrie de Bucuresti - 2008

walkin’ down the land,
wonderin’ which road i should take to wipe off my fears
losing all i had is easeful,
a fresh morning awaits another dream to blow up my tears…
to blow up my tears…to blow up my tears…
fail to decide which road i should take before my time grows old,
have to be sure that i am prepared to do what I've been told...
but i'm scared of what i might love -
tell me, is there no other way?
i'm supposed to be my highness
and i'm nothing but a slave...
leaving it all away...
what if your thoughts, your dreams are all wrong?
what if my love is just pain on your tongue?
what if i spit on your idols when you pray?
will you change?
give me a moment of shine
to clear my dreams
and see with the back of my eyes
the day i've been born
to face this unknown purpose
of someone who won’t show
chasing the proof of a lie
about a guy
who spent all his life in the sky
hiding from our eyes -
i see nobody there
but a couple of satellites
the essential piece is missing,
i think we forgot
dad is coming in a minute -
he left us out
to play in the sand,
building short-lived castles
while he does his job,
but we grew and started to get worried.
we`ll all go home any minute,
we need to sleep
and dream about oceans that slide
blend ourselves inside
to fill the whole we are,
tomorrow we'll divide...
again and again and again...
the mountains are deep,
the waves look so high,
i can see the stars
passing by…
your whispers are loud
while i’m losing all my weight -
the world has its happy face
this far away...
so far away…
following the sun is not good enough
for taking your last breath with a smile on your face?
i won't spend my life confronting the real,
what about living without established frontiers?
what about misty mountains in a sunset light?
what about drinking from a waterfall?
what about leaving people without telling goodbye?
we’ll meet again, I’m sure…
Poze făcute ieri, 8 noiembrie în Parcul Tineretului din capitală. O dimineaţă răcoroasă care a oferit însă nişte imagini superbe de prins în cadru. Totul.. la un an şi 4 zile după prima parte a seriei. :) Noimbrie de Bucuresti - part 1. Versurile sunt luate din cântecele uneia dintre cele mai bune formaţii româneşti, BYRON :)


Anonymous said…
tare frumoase-s pozele :)
Dana said…
imi plac foarte mult fotografiile
in special cea cu cai ferate si cea in panta cu copacii aceia..
superbe!frumoase tonuri..bravo :)
Multumesc mult! :D Ma bucur tare mult ca plac.. mai ales ca e vorba de Bucuresti pe care multi il vad doar cenusiu.. eu il vad multicolor in fiecare noiembrie :D
brexians said…
I have to come back the soonest possible
Ilove this town
nice pics
noapte buna
@ Daniel - Multam fain, ma bucur ca iti plac :D

@ Demetrios - Sa vezi ce fain e orasul iarna.. alb si curat de la atata zapada. Ar fi genial sa prinzi zapada in Bucuresti. E ceva superb :D