Artificii Zilele Bucurestiului Piata Constitutiei

5 a.m., here comes the sun
I hope I'm not the only one
Alone in an automobile
Passed out in an asteroid field
Summer's gone, my fall's done come
Those sparkling days when I was young
Seem lost in an automobile
Passed out in an asteroid field
I looked in a coffeehouse door
I couldn’t believe what I saw
No cigarettes
No live instruments
Lonely folks typing on laptops
In a city by the sea
I think of all the things I've tried to be
It's raining at the beach
And I'm feeling all washed up at 33
They say it's lonely at the top
But there's nothing quite as sad as sleepin' rough
I’ve traveled far
And I’ve traveled wide
And I’ve seen some things
That I’d rather leave behind
I’m afraid of you
You make life seem brand new
We stay up late at night
Forget the world outside
And it’s been a long time
It’s been a long time
Since I’ve seen the morning light
You read you poetry
And pour me cups of tea
And in the candle light
I’m lost inside your eyes
Sometimes I feel all alone
With millions of folks around me
But I know that I’ve got a home
Beyond the dark clouds above me
Come lay with me
Hide me in your arms
And sing to me
Of all the other sailors
Their promises, flowers and champagne
And in the end
Life's just a Sunday morning
There's frost on your windows but your heart is warm
Poze făcute în noaptea de sâmbătă 19 septembrie 2009 în Piaţa Constituţiei din capitală cu ocazia Zilelor Bucureştiului, un oras ce serbează 550 de ani de la prima atestare documentară. Un show de artificii spectaculos, un spectacol complet care sa bucure toate gusturile. Multumim domnule Oprescu! Versurile de mai sus provin din melodiile celor de la Brazzaville.


Emilia Carată said…
Foarte frumos, indeed.:D:D