Mici minuni gasite in Bucuresti

by - February 28, 2010

Here, back, down a long and straight track
I have chose the long road -
That leads me to god knows
So I can't stop right now
Even the good stars can fall from grace and falter
Lose their faith and slide
But I can't get an ocean that's deep enough for my day
It's the first of the ascension
It's a sad way we've flown after the storm
And her last words were "I was only thinking of you"
In my olden days I was a slave
Well now it's time for to sound your voice
And capture what you're after
My ship was sold right up the river
But I'm not going down here
This journey isn't over
It's a long way to the house of Fitzcarraldo
And her last words were "I'm always thinking of you"
Poze făcute în cartierul Berceni din Bucureşti într-o zi tare urâtă şi ploioasă! Doar o mică dovadă că şi un cartier mărginaş din Bucureşti poate ascunde mici minunăţii!

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